Toni Fiori

Years of experience: 20+

Expertise: Project Management, Business Process Analysis, PLM, ERP, WMS, CRM, eCommerce, EDI, etc.

A creative industry needs a technology partner that can deliver creative solutions. Our strength is rooted in our knowledge of the fashion industry blended with our knowledge and expertise in technology solutions used throughout the supply chain.

We are more than just IT consultants, we are the technology advisors to your organization.

Having spent 20+ years in the fashion sector, we actually understand the seasonal rollouts, the Design process, Show Calendars, the Product Development process and Production workflows.  We understand the considerations for compliance testing, sales markets, EDI requirements, and all of the tasks that must be managed to both produce and ship goods on time.

We are also well versed in managing eCommerce roll outs and can help integrate these to your inventory management and order processing systems.

We are a true partner and can help you successfully manage and implement technology initiatives that drive efficiency and visibility in your organization.

Our Vision

Our Strength

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Blending our two favorite things Technology & Fashion.

Creating synergies between fashion and technology that drive continuous improvement and value.